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Why Get Married? 5 Good Reasons

You ask yourself: “why get married? »
Today Marriage is an important step for a couple, so for all those who hesitate to take the leap, here are 5 good reasons to get married.

1) Marry for love

One of the best reasons to get married is for love. Yes, we get married because we love each other! We engage with the person we love for a lasting relationship. We become one with this beloved person. For a man, making his marriage proposal is one of the most beautiful proofs of love. Indeed, you should know that the level of stress imposed on a man at the time of the marriage proposal reaches peaks. But love allows you to surpass yourself. This love will allow you to live together forever...

2) Because it's the most beautiful day of your life

Yes, getting married is the dream of (almost) all women. A beautiful marriage with the loved one. A beautiful dress, with beautiful shoes and a beautiful hairstyle. The perfect time to take beautiful photos that will immortalize the most beautiful day of your life. Receive a beautiful ring, which you can show to all your girlfriends. You will also certainly have many gifts on your wedding day. This moment will make it possible to organize a beautiful ceremony that will mark the spirits, to make this day an unforgettable moment.

3) Share your happiness with your surroundings during this day

Getting married is also about sharing your happiness with others. This special day should be shared with the people who matter most to you (most likely at a church). Your loved ones, your family, your friends, your parents will all be gathered around you to share this moment. It will also be an opportunity to introduce the two families and create new family ties by marriage. Getting married also makes your love official and reinforces the couple's sense of legitimacy. Marriage also helps to strengthen the bonds of fidelity of the couple. Indeed, a married person will be less coveted than an unmarried person. Getting married also means giving your partner your word. It is therefore easier to remain faithful, because we are committed, verbally and legally. For some, marriage also makes it possible to please the parents…

4) To facilitate administrative processes (and reduce the amount of taxes)

When you get married, you will start with the same name. This, in addition to being a proof of love and commitment, will allow you to facilitate many administrative procedures. If you have children, the procedures will also be simplified. But on top of that, the parental bond will be strengthened. In the event of an accident or disability, your partner will be able to make many decisions for you. Worse, in the event of death, the succession will be simplified and the inheritance costs will be much more advantageous. If one of the two partners pays more tax than the other, the marriage will allow you to balance the amount of taxes. So in some cases reduce the amount of your taxes.


When you get married, you will party at least three times… Indeed, you will start by partying during your bachelor degree celebration. Then you will celebrate on your wedding day. Then you will continue the festivities with your honeymoon, in a certainly more intimate setting... Going on a trip with the person you love to celebrate the union and a tradition that will allow you to offer yourself the trip you have been dreaming of for a long time.

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