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How to Make up to Go to a Wedding?

Wedding season is on! Are you invited to your cousin's wedding, but unable to choose the right makeup? Don't panic, in this article I give you all my advice for flawless glamorous makeup!

Putting on makeup to go to a wedding can sometimes seem tricky, so it is important to follow a few rules:

  • Opt for a sparkling makeup without overshadowing the bride
  • Choose a feminine but not provocative make-up
  • Take suitable products that will last until the end of the night

 Step 1: a nude but luminous complexion

First of all, I suggest you achieve a luminous and natural complexion by using a moisturizing foundation with a glowy effect. Clarins Milky Boost is a make-up complexion milk with a healthy glow effect.

It is an ideal product for applying make-up during the summer. Its ultra fluid and light texture releases micro-encapsulated pigments, which, on contact with the skin, will fuse, to give a tinted and natural result. Composed of peach milk, this natural ingredient moisturizes and velvets the skin for a smooth complexion and very soft skin.

I advise you to apply this milk using the Passion Beauté foundation brush. Apply the desired amount of material (depending on the desired coverage) on your face. Then stretch your product from the cheeks to the bottom of the face. For even coverage, don't forget to apply your foundation to small areas of the face (bridge of the nose, etc.).

The little extras that make the difference: its delicious peach scent and its generous format that is suitable for all skin types.

The ideal concealer

After applying my foundation, I apply Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer by Lancôme. This 2-in-1 product is both a concealer and a foundation. It covers my dark circles and reduces my imperfections. This is my essential product to enhance my eye makeup and erase all traces of fatigue. Its formula with plant extracts (rose, vegetable glycerin, water lily) provides long-lasting results and hydrated skin for 24 hours. It's THE miracle product, a few drops of this tinted fluid and voila! All with medium to high coverage. I apply the concealer with the Passion Beauté Blender Sponge. I moisten the sponge then I dab the product at the level of the inner corner of my eye and in the hollow of my dark circle. You should never apply the concealer at the level of the lower lashes, otherwise your eyes will appear tired and your dark circles dug.

In addition, its small size allows you to take it everywhere, ideal for making small touch-ups during the wedding.

Step 2: have doe eyes

What is your best asset? Your smoldering gaze or your luscious mouth? I advise you to highlight one of the two parts of your face. If you opt for a smoky eye makeup, a softer mouth will be perfect. If you prefer a pretty red mouth, a softened look will be ideal.

I highlight my eyes

Choosing to make smoky-eyes for a wedding is a very good choice: I suggest you apply the Velvet Crush shade 33 “Unconventional Brown” by Yves Saint Laurent. It's an icy brown eyeshadow with an ultra-pigmented matte finish that's perfect for smoky makeup. Apply this eye shadow in a halo on the mobile eyelid, then along the lower lashes, blending slightly downwards. I then add a touch of light to the center of the mobile eyelid with Satin Crush shade 01 “Scandalous Beige” by Yves Saint Laurent for a more satin finish. Don't forget to blend your eyeshadow as much as possible for a melted and intense result. This makeup is more suitable for large eyes.

I opt for a more discreet look

Prefer to show off your mouth? Achieve more delicate eye makeup. Use a color in warm brown tones, a brown, orange or brick eyeshadow is ideal. Apply the product above the crease of the mobile eyelid to create a shadow. Then highlight the mobile eyelid with Satin Crush shade 01 "Scandalous Beige", this ivory-colored eyeshadow is full of mini glitter to create a natural and sophisticated look. Gradient the two colors together so that they blend and soften your look. This technique is ideal for small eyes because it enlarges the look.

To magnify his gaze

Your eyelid sparkles, now we are going to intensify your gaze! Use the Yves Saint Laurent Crushliner Stylo Waterproof eyeliner pencil to accentuate your doe eyes. This long-lasting eyeliner is resistant to water and heat, it allows a precise line and highlights the look. Apply it flush with the upper lashes, stretching it slightly outwards to accentuate the doe eye effect. If you are creating smoky-eyes, I advise you to slightly blend the line of eyeliner for a more smoky effect. To finish your eye makeup, it is essential to use a mascara. Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara Volume Sur Mesure is suitable for different types of lashes: small, large, most curved and even those lacking volume! It finishes your makeup to perfection! It is a basic product to have in your makeup bag. Its nylon brush is the perfect size to work the lashes precisely. Its creamy formula allows you to modulate the intensity of the volume and its black color to accentuate the look. The more material you load, the more fascinating your lashes will be!

Step 3: The smile: the most beautiful curve of a woman

Want glowing lips all night long? Go for Clarins Lip Comfort Oil Shimmer shade 08 “Burgundy Wine”. This care oil sublimates and illuminates the lips without the sticky effect of a gloss! Nutrition, bright color and shine are the 3 watchwords that define this oil! I offer you the perfect fusion between a lipstick, a gloss and a treatment. Rich in plant active ingredients: hazelnut, organic macadamia and organic jojoba, these three ingredients intensely nourish the lips while enhancing them. Result ? Your mouth is plumped and sparkling.

If you want to highlight your mouth more, use a lip liner to outline and/or accentuate the outline of your lips. Then fill the inside of your lips with your favorite lipstick. Then, finish by applying Lip Comfort Oil Shimmer over your lipstick. Your lips are now chewable.

Step 4: put glitter in your life

Who says wedding, says glitter! The highlighter is your ally for this event! This is THE touch of shine that enhances your makeup! I suggest you use Revolution Soft Glamor Highlighter Internal Glow. Its golden shade is ideal if you have a slightly tanned complexion. Take a fan brush and subtly apply the highlighter to the areas of the face to illuminate: the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the cupid's bow or even the underside of the eyebrows. Your assets are then highlighted thanks to the sequins that blend on your face. It is also possible to use the highlighter on your body, you can emphasize the hollow of your shoulders or your neckline, everything is allowed, but with lightness.

Warning: do not get carried away by the glitter, you have to dose the product with subtlety so as not to look like a disco ball!

Do not forget to finish your make-up with a face setting spray for better makeup hold.

My make-up artist tips

  • I prepare and moisturize my skin a week before the ceremony with a scrub and two night masks.
  • I lightly dose the powder and the glitter, too much material can harm the beauty of the makeup.
  • I avoid products that shine if I have heavy lines and wrinkles. I prefer matte and natural foundation products and eye shadows.
  • I apply loose powder under my eyes before applying makeup to prevent the shadows from staining my complexion. Or, I make up my complexion after my eyes.
  • I apply a day cream and a make-up base adapted to my skin type so that my make-up sticks more to my skin.

Now you're ready to dance the night away with flawless makeup!

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