About Us

Our Passion

A celebration of love, the wedding day is a big moment in a bride's life that will create beautiful memories. 

Handcrafted Elegance
Our collection at Pearl&Stone is a testament to timeless beauty and meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece is thoughtfully curated and crafted using the finest materials:

Delicate Porcelain: Adds a touch of intricate charm and artistic elegance.
Freshwater Pearls: Symbolize purity and grace, ideal for a classic bridal look.
Swarovski Crystals: Provide a sparkle that captures the essence of a fairy-tale romance.
Finest Components: From silver to gold, each element is chosen for its quality and beauty.

We offer a diverse range of styles and collections designed to suit every bridal vision, whether you dream of a vintage-inspired ensemble, a modern minimalist look, or something uniquely your own.

A Collection for Every Bride
Our extensive range includes:

Veils: From ethereal long veils to charming birdcage styles.
Headbands and Hairpins: Elegant pieces that add a touch of sophistication or whimsy.
Earrings and Bracelets: Adornments that enhance your bridal glow.

Material Variety: Choose from porcelain, pearls, silver, gold, and more to perfectly match your wedding theme and personal style.

Each accessory is created with the bride in mind, ensuring it complements your dress and enhances your overall look on your wedding day.


Support a Small Local Business

Thank you for finding Pearls & Stone, a small business founded in the heart of fashion capital London.

Pearl&Stone is entirely run by me - Mia, so every order will be hand packed by me with care and every query will be replied by me with love. I appreciate every order and all the support from you.