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12 Things to Do 2 Weeks Before the Wedding: Take Notes

With your wedding day fast approaching, stress is overwhelming you. Ladies, don't panic! Follow these 12 recommendations to the letter and you will see that by having a well-controlled retro-planning, everything will go very well. Not only will you avoid omissions and/or errors, but you will savor all the more these last 2 weeks before D-Day and will arrive serene on your wedding day. Isn't that what you aspire to? Find all the advice from Pearl and Stone.

We can say that 2 weeks before the wedding, the countdown has indeed begun! Complete these 12 tasks now:

1- Attention to detail

The details now matter. As such, look at your number of guests. At this point you should have all the answers in hand. If this is not the case, revive your latecomers as soon as possible.

Most of the time one to two weeks before your wedding your caterer accepts the modification of the number of guests. It is therefore necessary to inform him of the definitive number of guests. You will also have to validate the course of your wedding (the time of the service of the dish, the first animation,…). So 2 weeks before the wedding, it's time for the general check-up with your team of service providers.

2- Points to plan with the photographer

The photos will remain the only tangible memory of your wedding, so there is no question of missing out on the subject. Make a list of the people you absolutely want to have their picture taken on D-Day and give it to your wedding photographer. In addition to the fact that you will be sure to have all your loved ones photographed, this will allow the photographer to avoid an oversight. 

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3- Transmit your emotions through your wedding speech

Wedding speeches mark people's minds. So whether it's for the welcome word you want to give at church or for the speech you will give when you sit down to eat, write something simple and above all, let your heart speak.

4- Manage church entrances and exits

Pipes are managed upstream. It is out of the question not to know in advance who will take you to the church or how you will leave the place of the ceremony to go to the reception. Get someone reliable to take care of your trips. There is nothing worse than having to wait – endlessly – for the person who is supposed to accompany you… So to avoid unnecessary stress, tell the chosen person the exact times at which they will have to pick you up, etc.

5- Pamper yourself

Taking time for yourself is super important. So ladies, have no qualms about going for a relaxing massage, a UV session, a body scrub, etc. Besides the fact that you will feel beautiful, you will feel relaxed! Don't forget the manicure either.

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6- Last fittings

Try on your wedding dress and your different jewellery and accessories one last time. It is really vital because it will de-stress you and above all it will allow you to validate that you have everything, or precisely to remedy it before it is too late.

7- Beauty program

On your wedding day, you have only one obsession: to be on top! To do this, take advantage of these days before D-Day to go to your hairdresser & make-up artist for a last try. Knowing what you like and what suits you best is very important. It is not in the urgency of D-Day that you will have time to dwell on the subject.

8- Wear the shoes to get used to them

Your bridal shoes must be the allies of your wedding. It is inconceivable that they make you suffer. So to avoid enjoying D-Day, practice wearing them at home (so as not to get them dirty) and don't forget to give yourself an impeccable pedicure.

9- Choose a bouquet in his image

Define well with your florist, the bridal bouquet of your dreams. It must be in perfect harmony with your style, your tastes and your desires. Curious to know how to choose your wedding bouquet? Besides, what will you do with your bridal bouquet? Will you leave it in the church after mass is over?

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10- Do not neglect the choice of music

As for the music and the evening, practice waltzing in your living room. Make a personalized playlist of wedding music and must-have songs, and play it with the DJ. The fact that it plays your favorite music will allow you to fully enjoy the evening and the ambient magic.

11- Know the process and possibly organize a rehearsal

Keep in mind the whole process of the wedding ceremony. This will allow you to de-stress, to rehearse your entry into the church, to practice exchanging your consents and above all to ask your sister to read the reading beforehand, your witnesses to manage prayer intentions, etc. The fewer unforeseen events, the better.

12- Prepare for the night and the honeymoon

Now is the time to book your wedding night. And if you're going on your honeymoon straight after the wedding, get your passports back and start packing for the honeymoon.

Final thoughts

The last days before the big day are flying by… The best advice I can give you is to make the most of this long-awaited day. Have fun and dance until the end of the night! By following these 13 recommendations, your wedding will be perfect for sure!

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