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How to Prepare to Enter and Leave the Church for Wedding in 4 Steps

At your wedding, every moment counts. Then discover step by step, the 4 keys to succeed in impressing your guests when you enter and leave the church.


At your wedding, every moment counts. It may be that some moments go unnoticed in terms of organization, but the beauty of your D-day will be the fruit of the efforts invested, so it is necessary to coordinate each step of your union. For example, often neglected by most newlyweds, the couple entering and leaving the church deserve preparation and above all reflection. Then discover step by step, the 4 keys to succeed in impressing your guests during these crucial moments.

Step 1. Organize the allocation of seats

We insist on the need to organize this part in order to avoid the confusion of all the participants of the wedding. And, to start, we recommend appointing a manager to coordinate entry and exit, and thus act as a guide for all your guests, and in particular for those who do not know where to sit. Obviously, there is a small hierarchy that must be respected.

Typically, at a traditional wedding, the bride's guests are seated on the left while the groom's will be seated on the right. The first three rows are usually reserved for family or best man and bridesmaids, followed by closest friends. If the size of your church does not allow each guest to occupy a seat. The elderly and young children should be given priority.

Step 2. Consider important roles

For the entrance of the guests and the bride and groom, the protocol also provides for a certain order of passage. Guests without lead roles will be the first to enter. Parents will then close the step before sitting in the front row. The groom will enter a few minutes after that of the guests, then the arrival of the bride on her father's arm will announce the start of the ceremony. The bride may be preceded by her bridesmaids or children of honor in certain cases.

Arriving at the altar, the bride will join her future husband, standing to his left before sitting down in front of the altar. At some celebrations, both parents may also sit with their children.

We sometimes reserve certain side benches for people wishing to read or say a few words, once the long-awaited moment has come. It is necessary that these people be placed near the altar in order to maintain a certain fluidity when speaking.

Step 3. Leaving the place step by step

After the ceremony, while the couple signs the marriage certificate, it is customary for the guests to start leaving the church to wait for the newlyweds on the forecourt to begin the first series of photographs. We advise you to seek the services of a wedding planner to orchestrate the outing in order to avoid the rush.

When leaving the place of the ceremony, the person in charge of coordinating the guests should lead the walk. While it is true that in some countries the guests await the departure of the procession, in others, as in France, the guests precede the spouses.

Finally, the couple must be the first to leave the church square, followed by the procession made up of witnesses and bridesmaids as well as relatives and close friends.

Step 4. Plan different exit options

The guests once out of the church wait to congratulate the newlyweds. Grain of rice, rose petals, confetti, sequins or eucalyptus leaves: there are a multitude of options to celebrate this unique moment and thus obtain pretty photos. More original, guests can also bring fabric ribbons to wave, bubble machines, fireworks or Chinese lanterns (supervised by professionals), paper planes, candies or filled balloons of helium for a splendid release.

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