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How to Find a Wife Quickly and Surely

If the figures prove that fewer and fewer people are getting married, marriage is still the goal of some of us. Analyzing recent marriage trends might give you some clues that will help you find a woman to build a strong union with. To put the odds on your side, you will also have to look for your soul mate in everyday life or even try something new.

Meet women in everyday life

1. Complete an online profile.

Over the past 5 years, internet dating has become a very common way to meet a potential wife. Statistics on the subject vary, but overall they show that online dating accounts for a high percentage of new marriages, between 19 and 35 percent, depending on the study.


  • When it comes to online dating, you'll be spoiled for choice. You can register on Meetic, Tinder, Edarling.
  • Some sites are more suitable than others for gay dating

2. Look for a work wife.

Making sure you don't act against your company's rules, you could invite a colleague you find attractive for an after-work drink or even dinner with you. This will help you get to know each other better and see if you and that person could have a future together. If this woman seems hesitant to accept your invitation, opt for neutral ground, for example by suggesting that she go out in a group, with other colleagues.


  • Avoid looking to date a woman you are the superior to. Many companies will not accept this kind of behavior, because a manager is generally not expected to show preference for certain members of his team. It could even be grounds for dismissal.
  • In some cases, as a manager, you might even make the employee uncomfortable by asking her out and could be accused of sexual harassment.

3. Spend time with your friends and get closer to their friends.

Up to 19% of people met their husband or wife through friends and other acquaintances. If you don't want your friends to set you up on a blind date, you can at least make the effort to go to dinners, parties, weekends and other activities to which you are invited, in order to expand your social circle, while having a good time with your friends.

4. Offer a drink to a woman.

About 9% of men met their wives in a bar or nightclub. If you like the nightlife and are looking for a woman who frequents these kinds of places, you will have to put in a lot of effort in order to distract your potential partners from the music, lights and other partygoers.


  • To increase your chances of meeting the woman of your life, you could try different approaches and not limit your search only to bars and nightclubs. may be a small jewellery gift could please her
  • People who go to bars are often open to dating. However, not everyone is guaranteed to be looking for a lasting relationship.

Meet women at church or other religious gatherings.

If only 4% of people claim to have met their husband or wife at church (in some countries), you can be sure that the women you meet in your religious community will share your values ​​and have interests similar to yours. This will often form the basis of a lasting couple relationship.

Friends you meet at a church service might also introduce you to like-minded women and help you find your soul mate.

Try other approaches

1. Join a mixed sports team or enroll in a class.

The more people you meet who share your interests, the more likely you are to meet or be introduced to the woman of your dreams . Outside of co-ed sports teams, you could sign up for a class in an activity that interests you. Try for example:


  • the kitchen
  • creative writing
  • dance
  • the painting
  • theater
  • the music

2. Reconnect with your childhood friends.

Sharing a common story could help you build a strong bond with your potential future wife. You might catch up with old friends or classmates at alumni reunions or through Facebook. Take a look at the profiles of these people, as well as announcements from your school's alumni groups. See what happened to all these people and try to contact the women with whom you could build something.

3. Go to the weddings you are invited to.

Weddings are joyful events, during which many participants find themselves reflecting on their own marital status. For this, during a wedding, you could easily meet a woman who wants to get married. Ask a single woman you meet at the party to dance and when the party is over, leave her your business card or ask her to meet you again.

Thanks to this shared past, it should be relatively easy for you to ask an old classmate to have coffee or lunch with you.

4. Meet women by volunteering.

Volunteering has been shown to have many health benefits, such as reduced chronic pain and lower risk of heart disease. It will also allow you to meet people who share your values ​​and interests. This will provide a solid foundation on which you can build a relationship, which could lead to marriage. You could find the woman of your dreams by volunteering in the following structures.


  • A community garden.
  • A local cultural event, such as a festival.
  • A community life project, such as a local beach clean-up project.

Participate in events in your neighborhood.

The events you attend will also attract women who share similar interests to yours. Most people go to these kinds of events just to meet people and you could easily find a match for you. If you're shy and don't dare go alone, you could:


  • meet women at a neighborhood picnic
  • meet women at a local concert or exhibition
  • participate in parties and festivals in your city or neighborhood

Use trends to your advantage

Consider moving to an area more suitable for marriage. It is often easier to meet people in urban areas. 

Look for a woman a little younger than you.

A study conducted by the European Journal of Operational Research tends to show that marriages last the longest when the wife is 5 years younger than her husband. While this doesn't guarantee that you'll be more compatible with a younger woman, taking this into account when researching may give you a better chance of a lasting marriage.

Go to school or go back to school.

A study of Facebook data showed that 28% of married Facebook users had met their partner while in college.

  • Consider, for example, taking a course where women are the most numerous, such as language studies.
  • In 2006, the New York Times reported that single men without a college degree saw their chances of marriage drastically decrease after age 40. The increasing number of women pursuing higher education may have led to a decline in the number of women marrying and becoming financially dependent on their spouses. A higher education diploma could therefore increase your chances of getting married.

Look for someone from your social class.

Many reports show that professionally ambitious women who want to climb the social ladder will seek men who share their ambitions. Some dating sites are very popular with this type of women.


  • Relationships between two partners who are not from the same social class can experience many difficulties. For example, you could live in fear of not having the means to finance the luxurious lifestyle desired by your wife.
  • The mismatch between your life experiences and those of your potential wife could also be a source of tension.

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