Wedding Jewellery: Tips for Choosing the Right Ones

Do you want to know what jewelry to wear at your wedding? Depending on the style of your wedding dress, hairstyle and other accessories: discover the criteria to take into account


If we tell you a bridal look? You automatically think wedding dress. Only there are a thousand and one details that the bride must take care of to be radiant on D-Day. This is the case with wedding jewelry, which must be chosen with care and taste for a perfect and harmonious result. To find the ones you need, there are many online shops that can be qualified as the best shops for engagement rings and wedding rings. Thanks to these 4 steps, find inspirations and ideas to choose them well!

Step 1. Consider the wedding dress

The first thing to continually keep in mind when choosing jewelry is the chosen wedding dress that you have chosen. A princess style is totally different from a mermaid cut and therefore each jewel will have to adapt to your outfit.

This is the case with Or du Monde jewelry, where each creation is a work of art made with love and passion. This ethical jewelry store, known for its respect for the environment, offers a variety of jewelry for all bridal tastes and styles.

Depending to the type of neckline


If you are a fan of strapless necklines, leaving the neck and chest area free, avoid large and overly elaborate jewelry. Wear beautiful fine jewelry or small stones accompanied by matching earrings. You can also choose to emphasize one of two: long earrings or a chunky necklace, the choice is yours!

Square neckline

If you opt for a dress with a square neckline, opting for a choker with a small stone in the center is ideal. At the level of the chain, we prefer it thin. If you don't want to wear a necklace, long dangling earrings will be perfect.

The boat neck

The boat neck, more closed but very elegant, requires finesse: small stones or diamonds with a thin silver or gold chain are perfect. We then put on button earrings set with the same stones.

Illusion neckline

For this type of neckline called illusion neckline, covered with a layer of tulle on a sweetheart neckline, it is better to do without a necklace and wear a pair of round earrings. Stud earrings or pendants, it all depends on the model of your wedding dress.

Sensual neckline

sensual neckline

Sensual neckline, the bare back is intended to be a jewel in itself. The fewer accessories you wear, the more it will suit you. You can still dress it up with a sober and refined back jewel.

Asymmetrical neckline

If you have opted for a simple wedding dress with an asymmetrical neckline, dare to wear large earrings. On the contrary, if your dress has ornaments, frills and other lace details, it is better to abstain. Remember: less is more.

Depending on the color of the dress

The neckline style is not the only thing to think about when shopping for jewelry. Indeed, the style of your jewelry also depends on the color of your dress.

  • If you wear an immaculate white dress, choose shiny metals, such as white gold, silver or platinum that you can combine with certain stones or pearls.
  • Ivory dress, gold will suit you better because it will highlight the color of the fabric.
  • For pure white wedding dresses, yellow gold, rose gold, silver or pearls will be perfect.
  • Yellow gold, polished silver and colored gemstones are ideal for champagne wedding dresses.
  • Pink or pastel blue dress? We choose pink gold, platinum or diamonds.

It is essential to have some basic notions to avoid making mistakes. Be careful, do not buy your jewelry before your wedding dress, it is they who must adapt to your outfit and not the other way around. So start first by choosing your wedding dress!

Step 2. Consider time and place of celebration

Protocol requires, jewelry is no exception and their choice involves certain rules. If your wedding takes place during the day, it is advisable to choose a simpler and finer jewel. On the contrary, if you celebrate a night wedding, the accessories can be more showy, such as maxi earrings, more elaborate necklaces and color.

Regarding the place, if you are getting married in a garden, a farm or an outdoor space, we focus on simplicity. Conversely, if your big day takes place in a hotel or an enclosed space, color is preferred to inject a little cheerfulness into the reception area.

Step 3. Which jewelry for which hairstyle?

Each bride is different, with her own style and beauty. This is why it is necessary to know the type of jewel that will suit you according to your hairstyle.

Tied hair ? We favor small and round shapes and we avoid the length both for wedding earrings and for the bridal necklace. We bet on pearls and diamonds on a refined chain.

If you opt for loose hair, the length may camouflage your jewelry. Opt for something more showy at the level of the earrings like rhinestone pendants or pretty hoops.

For short hair, long earrings are fabulous, as are maxi earrings.

The shape of the face is also very important when deciding to choose a jewel. For round faces, dangling earrings or pendant necklaces will elongate your face.

On the contrary, if your face is square, avoid symmetrical or angular jewelry and choose something more rounded.

Long face? Stud earrings as curls and a pretty voluminous necklace will boldly rebalance your face.

If you are a modern bride who appreciates craftsmanship and sustainability, then JEM – Jewelery Ethically Minded definitely has something for you. Their sophisticated jewelry is crafted from fair trade gold, adding a touch of elegance and awareness to your bridal attire.

Step 4. Balance jewelry with other accessories

Flower crowns, headbands or brooches, your hairstyle is also dotted with rhinestones or touches of color. Afraid of too much? Do not panic, the trick is to combine them to obtain a harmonious result.

If you want to increase the volume of your hairstyle, we put on medium-sized jewelry, dangling earrings and pearl necklace for example. On the contrary, if you only want to enhance your face without giving an overload effect to your hairstyle, we put on small discreet jewels such as a pretty bracelet or thin superimposed rings. Finding your wedding jewelry is therefore another essential step to add to your list!

When it comes to your wedding rings, choosing the perfect ring to symbolize your union can be a daunting task, but Our Wedding Rings is here to help. With a wide range of jewelry, ranging from classic designs to more modern creations, you can find a ring that is truly unique and special to you.

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